Who we are.

Welcome to Stump Side, where nature meets craftsmanship. Established in 2022, we take pride in offering a unique collection of natural Stump Side Tables that effortlessly blend rustic charm with modern aesthetics.

Our Vision

At Stump Side, our vision is simple yet powerful - to provide you with exquisite natural products that showcase the raw beauty of nature. We believe in minimal human intervention, allowing each piece to retain its authentic form. Our Stump Side Tables are a testament to the unparalleled elegance found in the simplicity of nature.

Crafted in North Carolina

Proudly based in North Carolina, our products are crafted with passion and precision. We embrace the local craftsmanship, supporting our community while delivering quality products that stand the test of time.

Experience Nature at Home

Bring the outdoors inside with Stump Side. Our natural Stump Side Tables are more than just furniture; they are a reflection of nature's artistry, seamlessly integrated into your living space.

Choose Stump Side for a touch of nature, elegantly captured in every piece.